"Follow Through" title card from "Golf My Way"

When I was young and growing up in Florida, I became fascinated with golf. Specifically, I was determined to learn the technique behind a good golf swing. Starting from first principles, I pirated a copy of Jack Nicklaus' instructional VHS tape "Golf My Way" from The Pirate Bay for immediate study.

I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming introduction to the fundamentals of golf. Jack Nicklaus is a personable fellow and his instruction is world-class.

It was also a bonafide treat for capturing the kind of vintage aesthetic you'd expect from an instructional golf video made in 1983.

Just watch this 20 second clip to see what I mean.

I still largely credit "Golf My Way" for helping me develop a good-to-great golf swing.

There is a lesson in the video that has stuck with me ever since I first watched it. It contains an analogy that I've applied to many situations in both golf and life.

"The follow-through is ... a mirror of the backswing."
Jack Nicklaus

(I'm not going to explain it.)